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Sell or Get a Pawn Loan for Old Gold jewellery in Adelaide

Do you have old gold jewellery collecting dust in your closet somewhere? If you need some fast cash, you can pawn or sell old gold jewellery quickly and easily at the local pawn shop. Gold jewellery is an easy thing to sell or pawn because it never goes out of style. Gold jewellery, coins, and bullion are intrinsically valuable. Sell gold jewellerytoday, and make up a shortfall in your budget or buy something that you’ve got your eye on with no strings attached.

Why pawn or sell gold jewellery?

Why should you consider pawning or selling gold jewellery? Well, it’s one of the easiest things to offload. Gold is something that always has a high demand on the secondary markets. It’s also easy for both consumers and pawnbrokers to assess the value of the gold jewellery,unlike the value of other material goods. You can sell gold jewellery for cash, or get a pawn loan for gold jewellery if you think you’ll want the jewellery back someday

What happens when you get a pawn loan for gold jewellery?

Sell or Pawn Designer Bags & Purses | Adelaide Pawn Shop

Understandably, you may not want to part with your gold jewellery. It might have sentimental value, or be a family heirloom. Maybe you just like the way you look when you wear it. No matter what, it’s possible to get cash for your gold jewellery, but have the chance to get it back too when you take out a pawn loan.

When you get a pawn loan for your gold, the pawnbroker will offer you cash in exchange to hold onto the gold jewellery for a period of time. To get the jewellery back, you’ll have to repay the terms of the loan within the offer limits. If not, you forfeit the jewellery to the pawnbroker. Does that mean that a default on a pawn loan can hurt your credit? No, it doesn’t. The jewellery is collateral for the loan. If you don’t repay the loan within the timeframe, you get to keep the cash, no strings attached, and the pawn shop keeps the jewellery.

What happens when you sell gold jewellery in Adelaide to a pawn shop

Pawn shops make it easy to sell your unwanted gold jewellery. Simply come into the secure location, and the experienced pawnbroker will assess the value of your gold jewellery. Pawn shops offer some of the best rates on unwanted jewellery, and you can get instant, cash-in-hand easily and quickly when you sell your gold to a pawn shop. But remember that if you sell the gold jewellery, the pawn shop isn’t holding it for you. They will put it up for sale as soon as you leave the shop.

Loan rate per month

$20,000 + 2 - 3%
$10,000 + 4%
$4,000 + 7%
$1,000 + 8%
$200 + 10%
  • Cash on the spot

  • Highest prices paid

  • We lend to everyone

  • No appointments required

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